Maintenance Policies & Procedures

Hopyard Property Management operates a maintenance department to oversee and complete all reasonable repairs to the property. We provide maintenance services through our in-house technicians and vendor network.

Our policy regarding maintenance, is that the property should be maintained in the same condition as when it was leased, unless otherwise stated in writing. This is the expectation for both the Resident and the Owner.

Hopyard Property Management makes every reasonable effort to minimize the cost of property maintenance. Whenever possible, we attempt to resolve a request by troubleshooting prior to scheduling a service call. Maintenance Technicians are instructed to quickly assess the issue and minimize the cost of any repair. 

HPM Maintenance Trucks

Owners are under no obligation to use Hopyard Property Management maintenance services. Owners may complete any maintenance work on their own or through a vendor of their choice. Any work performed by the owner or outside vendor is expected to be completed in a reasonable professional manner.*

Owners will have the option to set their authorized maintenance budget. This will allow us to complete any necessary repairs within the specified budget without prior approval.

*Emergency service calls will be scheduled and completed without prior authorization. An emergency shall be defined as any issue that requires immediate attention for the safety of the residents and the property. 

Standard rates for our maintenance services:

Our Maintenance and Service Call Process:


Are we required to use your maintenance services?

No. Owners are under no obligation to use our maintenance service. We will still handle any scheduling and coordination with the resident. We will also assist with any billing for outside vendors as part of our management services.

What are your regular business hours?

Regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm

How does it work if we handle maintenance requests directly?

The maintenance request will be forwarded directly to the owner. You will then inform us if you wish to have us coordinate the service call or if you wish to contact the resident directly. Once the work is completed, you would notify us so we can close out the service request.

If there are multiple maintenance requests, do I have to pay for each service call?

Whenever there are multiple maintenance requests for a property, we do our best to combine them into one service call. This would be treated as a single service call for billing purposes.

What happens if the maintenance issue was caused by the resident?

All service calls start with an initial evaluation to determine the cause of the issue. If it is determined to have been caused by the resident, it would be the resident’s responsibility to pay for any cost associated with the service call and repair.

Can we request for the resident to pay for the initial service call fee?

Based on professional experience, it is not a good practice to require residents pay for the service call fee. Residents are less likely to report maintenance repairs which can lead to bigger, more expensive repairs.

If the maintenance request comes in after hours, will I be billed at the emergency rate?

Maintenance requests can be made at any time. We only schedule after-hours service calls if it is considered to be an emergency that requires immediate attention. All other requests are scheduled during normal business hours.

Can I decline a service call request?

Depending on the request, you are not obligated to complete all maintenance requests. Our policy is that the property needs to be maintained in the same condition as when the lease started, with the exception of normal wear. Repairs that have to do with livability conditions or functional components of the property would need to be completed. You would not be required to complete cosmetic repairs or other repairs that do not affect the living standards of the property.

Can I make adjustments to my maintenance cost limit? 

Yes. At any time you may contact us directly to adjust the maintenance cost authorized for repair.

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